Deposit repayment

My tenant wants her deposit back before moving out to pay for her future accommodation, can I hold on to it until after she moves out to ensure she professionally cleans the carpets removes all her junk and she smashed a dble glazed window to enter the property as other tenants had double locked front door and she had forgotten her two keys to enter. I want to deduct cost from her deposit. Is this within my rights?

Do not return deposit until she has left and you have done an exit inventory or you may be out of pocket or worse she does not leave and you do not have a deposit either

Yes you can claim damages from the deposit


you do not give back a deposit until they have moved and you check the place

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Thanks much appreciated

Absolutely it’s within your rights. Keep all evidence, photos and invoices to prove your case.

Do not return a deposit until you have inspected the vacated property, and deducted any reasonable costs you want paying.

The tenancy doesn’t end until the tenants gives you back vacant Possession. You then have 10 days to return the deposit. - after making any reasonable ( justifiable ) deductions.
See Free Advice - at Possession Friend .uk

Obviously any claims for damages has to go through the DPS scheme you used and if it’s not protected then they could claim up to 3 X the amount.
Also a professional deep clean is not enforceable regardless of contract wording (as a friend who is a landlord recently found out).