Deposit dispute

Hi. Hope I can get some advice please.
We have had a tenant move out on the 4/4/20 and the contract expired the same day. They had the cleaners in on that date, originally we had the guys who did the inventory booked in to come on that day. With the obvious restrictions at the moment they didn’t attend.
The tenant produced pictures and said the cleaning was up to standard, route these reasons I didn’t visit the property until the 10/4. Then it became apparent that the cleaning wasn’t great and there was a pretty nasty stains on the mattress. I did my best in that day to get the worst of it sorted before the new tenants moved in the following day.

Now I’m in dispute with the tenant about a deduction of deposit to cover costs.

His arguments is that he should of had the chance to put it right as he had a guarantee with the cleaners, and as I didn’t visit the property earlier it’s partly my fault.

He now wants the chance for his cleaners to come back to go over areas and steam clean the mattress.
I can’t see how this can happen with the flat already let, especially in the current climate of social distancing. It’s totally unfair to expect the new tenants to allow strangers in to there home.
My view is one they handed over the keys there chance of putting it right has gone. Regardless of when I inspected the property.

Any advice would be appreciated.
New guy.

Hi. How did you clean the place after you discovered it wasn’t great? If you do it yourself I don’t think the DPS allow any deductions for this. (My experience anyway).
For the damage to the mattress Sam from Openrent knows of a formula that is usually applied. Depending how old it is, how long a mattress is expected to last and how long tenants were there for etc.
I don’t have any knowledge of whose fault it was if you didn’t inspect the property on day of vacation or if tenant should have been allowed extra time to faff around getting the cleaners back. That one is for those more experienced than me!

i would not want to sleep on another persons old matress in a rented property . I would if a tenant ask for a new one. Another reason why I dont furnish my places

If you already have new tenants in (sleeping on a stained mattress, yuk) then I think you have missed the boat. Buy a new mattress for your new occupants and chalk it up would be my advice.

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