Difficult tenants

Please could you advise how to deal with difficult tenant. My tenants not paying rent on time and when we ask he argue and gives excuses. He is soon leaving and demanding the deposit amount to consider his last month rent. The house need some repairs once they left.
Even if consider deposit has last month rent he still has to pay 1200 .

Any suggestions

I am sorry to hear your difficulties. I say this is pretty much norm with bad tenants. They do not pay last months rent and walk off. I personally consider as business loss rather than trying to go after them unless amount is big. Depending on your tax situation £1200 is not an exact £1200 loss - consider this way. My personal view and not an advice.

One possibility would be to use the deposit to cover the damage and use MCOL to sue him afterwards for the last months rent, which is easier to prove. However, you have to be certain that you would get the full deposit amount for the damage. Deposit schemes will expect age and wear and tear to be taken into consideration in any claim.

Thank you for your reply

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