Bad tenant, but i have a Guarantor

Hello everyone,

I would like some advice if anyone could help.
My latest tenant, paid the 2nd months rent late, he said his wage date changed.
Then he didnt pay the whole rent on the new date he got paid. Now he isnt answering calls or messages.
I called down to see him, no answer and a smashed back window :frowning:
hes been in 5 weeks on a 6 month AST.
Obviously he’s a bad egg (good actor). Lucky I have a Guarantor.
Can anyone tell me the correct procedure in dealing with this situation.
Thank you in advance.
Your advice is much appreciated.


You must repair the window. If he wont respond to repeated attempts to contact him you send a letter to the guarantor asking for payment for the arrears and damage, (copied to him). Hopefully you went through all the right steps when you set up the guarantor agreement. You may well end up suing them both using MCOL for the money.

Thank you very much for your reply David.
Would MCOL be easier than going through an solicitor?

Ive not used that service before.

Thanks again


It wouldnt be easier as you have to do it yourself, but its all done online and it would be much cheaper. Read about it and then decide. The reason that most landlords use MCOL is that whilst getting a ccj for both tenant and guarantor is relative easy when you sue them, getting any money is not guaranteed. They plead poverty to the courts and you get an order for £10 a week, which they soon stop paying.

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