Dispute with landlord

Hi all, I have been a tenant for 3yrs now in a semi detached house.
When I viewed the property the kitchen ceiling had a huge hole, windows jammed and no smoke detectors etc.
The day I moved in this was still the same and still is. Over the last year the boiler was intermittent and finally packed up this January. I informed the landlord who said he would fix it. I moved out due to no hot water or heating. The boiler was fixed only 2 weeks ago as my energy supplier condemned it.
So it goes on, still 80% of the windows jammed, no smoke detectors, all windows and doors are single glazed.
The shower does not work and hasn’t done since January.
Then I find out that my deposit has not been put into a secured deposit scheme. Apparently he’s stating the deposit was used for the first months rent and the last month rent when I move out.
The landlord has now involved a company to take over the repairs. Great I thought until I realised the owner of the company are friends on Facebook with the landlord.
The house itself has not been maintained for over 3yrs, not painted, not serviced etc.
So do I have any case against the landlord?

Thank you in advanced

Hi Anthony, this sounds like a complex situation. Certainly your landlord has not acted properly. I’d recommend speaking to Shelter or Citizens Advice to get help with your specific case.

Best wishes,

I am surprised you are still there