Dispute with Tenant/ Deposit Deduction

I was wondering if I could get some suggestions.

I proposed to deduct money from tenants deposit because tenant removed the wallpaper in one of the room and a wall in the other room and kept pets in the property without my consent. The tenant disputed my proposal and agreed to let this matter assessed by mydeposit assessor.

Now, Mydeposit assessor is looking for inventory report or pictures of the property when tenant moved in, which I do not have, However I do have pictures of the property and a checkout report when the previous tenant (The tenant before the disputed tenant) moved out of the property couple of months before this tenant moved in.

Will Mydeposit assessor consider those pictures and Checkout report?

Or Anything else I could do to prove that this tenant has removed the wall papers and kept pets?

I have already provided the tenancy agreement and the pictures of the property when this tenant left the property.

Thanks in advance

Did your current tenant agree (in writing) to accept the check-out report/inventory as a fair reflection on the check-in state/inventory? Either way, that inventory report is the best evidence you have of the existence of wallpaper prior to the tenancy starting then you should submit it.