Do I have to give buildings insurance policy to tenant

Sorry I’m deleting again!! I’ve got my answer & reassured.

Reassured as he asked for a “compensation policy”

You don’t need to give your tenant a copy of the insurance policy
I don’t understand your second message

you mean the open rent tenancy agreement? says you have to?

So that clause in the OR’s contract is relevant to the Building’s insurance, covering things such as roof, gutterings etc.

Which you should send him.

I think your question was about reimbursement for inconvenience due to damaged flooring etc.? Not quite the same thing.

Your data is all over that policy and he will have access to it
I would question that

Anyway, he never requested the insurance policy.

My last post on this subject!!
there’s no legal obligation whatsoever on an AST. It only applies if you are a leaseholder & want to see it. And even then think they are only obliged to give summary. I’m not a legal person so don’t take my word on this. But what’s apparent is there’s a lot of confusion over it

I agree with you. Legally you’re not obliged but it’s in OR’s contract which makes you obligated. I have looked for a way to remove it but can’t be done at the moment

By the way, I don’t send it to them (although the contract says I should) and none of my tenants have asked.

I use Nrla contract and adapt to what I want