Do I need credit check on both tenants?

Have potential tenants, a couple with 3 young children. There is no main earner, as they earn similar incomes. One is slightly higher than the other. The slightly higher earning tenant’s monthly income is 2 times of the rent. Shall I conduct a credit check on both tenants, or just the higher earner?

reference both .one may have bad history

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Agree with Colin on this one. It’s my understanding that you should be looking at income that is 3 times the rent, 2 times the rent is not enough to cover the tenants other expenses.

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Reference and credit check as many people who are signing the tenancy agreement as they are jointly and severally liable for the rent and other allowable costs. If using a guarantor, make sure you reference them too as the buck stops with them. Personally, I think guarantors are very little use.


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