Guarantor to be included in the contract

Our proposed tenants are a couple and they wish to live in our property with their children. The lead tenant has given a guarantor for himself. He is employed and I believe his wife is a housewife, looking after their young family. Do we need to ensure the guarantor is for both of them, or is just him sufficient to protect us? Thanks

both. or How do you know she does not have a CCJ ? what I mean is ,credit check both . or what will you do if he leaves the place

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Thank you. We will be doing credit checks and referencing; that is a separate matter. My question is whether the guarantor needs to be guarantor for both the applicant and his wife (both will be on the tenancy), or is it sufficient that the guarantor is just named against the applicant? Thanks

What Colin is trying to say is that if you reference the wife you’ll know whether they need a guarantor or not.

thanks yes . I feel you have to check out everything possible

Thanks. We are going to have a guarantor. My question was whether the guarantor needs to be named against both tenants but I have now been told that what we have is fine. Thanks again

Agree with all above. Ina nutshell, the guarantor will be liable for the full rent (and any damage) in the event your tenants do not pay. Getting a guarantor isn’t a trivial matter they will need a strong credit rating and enough disposable income to cover the monthly rent so make sure you get reference checks. The contract will be worded appropriately to give you that reassurance you’re covered in these uncertain times.

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Yes yes yes plus vet all of them

It doesn’t really matter if the guarantor is for both since each named tenant is responsible for 100% of the rent anyway, so you can enforce against the guarantor for all the rent if any is missed. This assumes that the guarantor agreement is enforceable. Many, (most) are not.

Due diligence is very important, however I believe that having a insurance in place doesn’t not hurt. It doesn’t cost you too much as well. Taking a tenant to the court it is always a hassle and stress not to mention the time and effort you have to put in. I hope it helps
all the best.