Do I need to complete referencing myself if I am using a guarantor?

I am a tenant and using a guarantor for my tenancy. Do I need to complete the referencing check as well as my guarantor?

yes both need to be referenced


Yes you do. The process of going after you or your guarantor is stressful, time consuming, and can be costly.

If you have CCJs and history of not paying rent - then the landlord can know going in that they’re more likely to have to go after the guarantor and decide if that’s worth it or not.

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It could be argued that the reference for the guarantor is the more important as the buck stops there.

Only if the landlord wants to make that chase.

Most landlords don’t want that. They will if they must, but it’s very reasonable to want to avoid it.

The tenant’s reference gives reassurance that the landlord probably won’t have to file anything to get the rent. If the tenant has good credit and no CCJs then it’s reasonable to assume the tenant will continue to make good on their payments.

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