Referencing with Guarantor

I have completed reference back from guarantor, still awaiting references for prospective tenants. As I already know a guarantor is needed do I wait for their references, would it be unwise to proceed without them.
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Wait for everything to come back
Make in haste repent at leisure

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It is very odd that people think a guarantor means much. If tenant does not pay, what do you think are the chances a guarantor will pay thousands of pounds? Nearly zero. If you take them to court and they have expenses of their own, you will get nothing except maybe give them a CCJ. If someone has good income, are a solid citizen, just rent to them.

I agree with Muzeyin. People set too much store by guarantee agreements, which often turn out to be anything but, when they should be focusing on the tenants ability to pay.

Does anyone know a landlord in Manchester who dont need guarantors my family has passed away its only me an my disabled brother makes it impossible to get a guarantor

This is my first time renting out property so appreciate your advice and insight.

Always get the full references. You may find something that a guarantor would not cover. For example Tenant destroyed a previous property. Iā€™m sure yours will be fine but best to check first.

If what you were saying is true nobody would ever rent to a student .