Dodgy enquiry from freelance agent

Got a visit today from someone very dodgy. Professed to be a freelance agent, said he was working on behalf of a couple then moved very quickly on to a company let. Very keen to close the deal. Here’s email follow up. anyone else had this dude or similar?

AGP Properties (according to companies house) was dissolved last year.

Wouldnt touch this with a bargepole

Hi was a pleasure to meet you today and i’m glad i was able to get a written offer so fast. Please see below offer details:

Applicants : AGP Properties LTD (shop front in Paddington)

Purpose of Let: AGP will be letting out the flat to mainly medical treatment clients and working professionals staying a minimum of 3 months. They may also exercise the minimum 91 days short let legislation in the odd gaps between client move in dates. They will ensure there are no complaints from any other current tenants in the building and will take full responsibility of all cosmetic maintenance, once the tenancy has started . AGP have links with embassies, large corporate companies such as Apple and universities such as Westminster, Regents and LSE whereby they have a large range of clients.

Weekly Offer : £1600 per month net to you ( NO COMMISSION TO BE PAID OUT)

Move in date: 1st February 2019

Payment Term: Monthly in advance

Contract Term : 2 year, with a 1 year mutual break clause

Deposit: 6 Weeks

Requirements : One week rent free to get the place ready.

I have cc’d Alfred in this email who is the manager of AGP Properties. You can liaise with him directly if you wish to proceed.

Kind regards

Sobaan Ali

Hi Richard,

I can see a member of the team have responded to your email so do let us know if you have any further queries.

Kind Regards,