Does a tenant's CCJ affect me as a landlord?

Hi there. So many potential tenants seem to have CCJs against them, for a variety of reasons! Does a tenant having a CCJ affect me as a landlord in terms of my credit rating, getting a mortgage in the future etc? Thanks, I’m new to this…

Why would you think that?

A friend told me it affect’s the landlord’s credit rating

never heard of that . It is not the landlord that has been given a CCJ… I am a landlord and never taken on a tenant who has a ccj for any reason.P S may affect rent insurance. not landlords personal rating


No it should not affect your credit rating

Hi Rachel,

A CCJ is recorded against an individual and not an address etc. (I know in the “old days” there were many myths about this type of connection).

The only possible way a third party’s CCJ could have any impact on you is if you were financially linked to this person. This means if you jointly hold a financial product together - such as a mortgage or bank account.

Remember this person has a CCJ for a reason - it is not just ‘missing one or two payments’ because they forgot or lost their job… It’s a long process of missing payments, not keeping creditors informed and not attempting
to make even partial payments. It’s a complete avoidance of debt. Not that people with CCJs are bad people, you just have a business to think of. So please think carefully about this and perhaps read a little more about when CCJs are given to people and the process of that so you feel more in control.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:


Agree fully with Caitlin6 ,also you have to understand the complexity and cost that a creditor has had to go through to get a debtor awarded a CCJ, there isnt many reasons why anyone cant pay their rent, for instance,if they loose their job they get benefits. I avoid them like a pandemic.

Absolutely not!

CCJ’s used to be linked to addresses a long time ago, now they are specific only to the person named on the judgement.

Thats just incorrect. I’ve done money claims online and it costs less than 200 quid and takes 10mins. No need for any lawyers at all