Does Inventory carry over to new AST

So I had an AST with a flatmate, and the inventory was done at the beginning of that tenancy. My flatmate then moved out and I started a new AST in the same property, however a new inventory was not performed.

Am I still held to the original inventory when I move out? Thanks!

You can dispute whatever damage was done by the previous tenant if they try to charge you for it. Without an inventory for the tenancy the Deposit scheme would be very unlikely to award in their favour.

I guess I was the previous tenant?

The property was renovated before i moved into it with my friend.
The inventory was then performed for that tenancy.

My friend moved out, they checked just his room, and then I received a new AST.

I don’t know if the inventory from my initial AST is transferred to the new one - that’s what I’m confused about.

No, it wouldnt automatically carry over. They should have done a proper check out inspection and issued a new inventory. If there is some damage that you know youve done, I would just get it fixed or offer to pay for it when you leave.

With a new tenancy even if the new tenants are a subset of previous tenants I would either (a) get a new inventory done or (b) if the condition is pretty much identical, see if the ‘new’ tenants are happy to carry over the existing inventory and get it confirmed in writing by each tenant. Just my view.