DPS deposit claim

I am in dispute with my tenant and have given the DPS all the proof and to decide the outcome.The tenant has not given DPS permission because he knows he cannot win, so the only way they say is that I have to go to court and get an order. What is the point of these deposit schemes if a LL cannot get restitution.

There is zero protection for landlords nowadays.
The government seems to have decided it’s advantageous to treat all landlords as if they are automatically privileged and in the wrong and all tenants as if they’re hard done by.
It’s like Chairman Mao’s People’s Revolution in China
(& as I have heard by people who are far more in touch with contemporary politics than I am, part of a general thrust to wipe out the so-called “middle classes”)
Deposits are frequently not enough to cover damage, let alone rent arrears, and I don’t know about other deposit protection schemes, but MyDeposits* shamelessly favour the tenant even when it’s clear that the tenant has damaged your property.
Avoid *them at all costs.

The only way forward is to be in an insured scheme where you insure the deposit for say £25 for a £700 deposit, that way you get to keep the deposit in your bank, and if push comes and you need to claim from it you already have it.

I’m afraid it doesn’t quite work like that with the Insured schemes; if the tenant disputes a deposit deduction you have to pay the full deposit amount to the protection service until their adjudicators decide on the outcome.
This is all very well if the adjudicators are 1) competent and 2) unbiased.

And what happens if I refuse to

Good question ! Let me know if you find yourself in that situation… :wink:

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