DPS dispute on repair cost upfront or claim it back?

I’ve just used the DPS dispute service in June and very pleased with result. They awarded me £1130 and tenant £180. Only thing they didn’t allow was window cleaning as the photos didn’t show them as dirty and they marked down replacement of a broken light by 25% due to ‘betterment’ (even though it didn’t match the other 2!). However, I spent 2 days sorting the evidence, dated videos and loads and loads of dated photos and multiple quotes. They don’t mind how many photos but had to be put on disc as file was too big to email. I referred all evidence to each breached clause in the AST and even though the tenant didn’t sign the inventory, I attached copies of text messages from tenant stating how fantastic the house looked. It was a lot of work but it was a matter of principle and I did everything I could to get my evidence in order. Just be really thorough with no loopholes to dispute. Bare in mind they knock back repairs and decoration for fair wear and tear and betterment, but my tenants were only in for 6 months so they made no deduction for fair wear and tear . Good luck!


That is absolutely amazing news! I can’t believe it! Well done.
When I used them I took many full days with all my evidence and did what you did. They totally disregarded anything in the tenancy and their reasons given were not logical whatsoever. Think I appealed too if I remember rightly but no joy.
All we want is a level playing field.

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Thanks, and yes, I was pleasantly surprised at their verdict.

Hi Gill2,

I am going to use DPS dispute service for the repair cost from the tenant. Could you please give me some advices?

Hi Luna, take lots of photos and videos of the damage, ideally on the day of checkout or very soon afterwards and make sure the photos and videos are dated. Digital photos have the taken date buried into the properties. Good if you have before and after photos. On our video we started off stating the date and time before recording. Write a report and refer all the damage to the relevant broken clause in the tenancy agreement with any before and after photographs. Get multiple quotes for the repair work, which depending on what damage is, may not need a visit by tradesmen, could be done with photos. Refer back to the check in inventory which hopefully tenant signed. My tenant took his own check out photographs and deliberately omitted all the rubbish and the property looked quite presentable, but we took close ups of the the dirt on skirting boards and everywhere else, proving they hadn’t cleaned. We had video banging a stick up the chimney proving they hadn’t cleaned it, I think the adjudicator could see we were being honest and the the tenant was being deceitful. Keep to the point and be reasonable with costs you will hopefully get the adjudicator on your side. Best of luck


Thank you Gill2. This is very helpful!

Does it have to both parties tenant and landlord to agree using dispute? DPS website wrote it needed to agree with both parties. Can I start to dispute on my own?

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