DPS dispute service - this is worth reading


I have used DPS custodial forever because I don’t have to pay to protect ( and DPS only used to do custodial)

However I think this study is a load of nonsense

The repayments occur because the tenant does not reply as they don’t understand the scheme.
What they did not publish was success rate to a landlord if a tenant replies.
I have submitted written evidence where a tenant has admitted in writing damage and accepts liability and the adjudicator refunded the money stating it was unfair.
I asked for an appeal.
There is no external ombudsman and I was shut down as complaints are handled internally.
The staff didn’t even know what an ombudsman was.

The only good thing for a DPS custodial scheme is that you are not bound by 10 days like an insured deposit.
Refund is recommended in 14 days for a custodial but there is no fixed time for refund so if you do student tenancies you are not in a blind panic to do everyone’s simultaneously.

Tenants don’t understand DPS custodial so you end up having to submit statutory declaration
I think this is a skewed study and if they published the terms and conditions of the trial it would not read in such a positive light

I have used DPS dispute service and was not happy. The tenants stole half a fitted kitchen including white goods and had rent arrears, yet the DPS awarded them more than half of their bond back. I sent photographic evidence of the stolen items, but was told that as the photos were not date stamped then there was no proof that I hadn’t take the photos earlier. They then said there was nothing I could do about this as the DPS had made their decision. Just to be aware of this.

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