Draft Tenancy Contract

Just started using the services of OpenRent - paid for the £49 Rent Now service (looks like a great service).
1st prospective tenants visited yesterday & now want to review the standard contract before potentially making an offer. My question is: Where can I download a copy of the standard tenancy contract in draft format?
I have telephoned Open Rent & left the same question with a gentlemen - 6hrs later still waiting.
Any advice would be appreciated.

It is a good sertvice send an e mail to them. It is a bank holliday weekend

Colin, definitely appreciate your great advice & agree its a great service (absolutely no complaints from here). My request was actually does anyone know of a link where I can get a STD contract - recognising it’s bank holiday, I was hoping once you subscribed this would be available as a link to commence tenancy discussions.

I download a copy from the RNLA and have used their contract for years but you need to be a member ,then you get all sorts of help over the phone. (we used to have meetings 3 times a year also)

Hi Pete, apologies for not gettting back to you sooner.

You can view our AST here: