End of assured shorthold tenancy

Hi, my Assured Shorthold Tenancy is coming to an end on July 11th 2022.

As there is a lot of upheaval with children completing A-levels and doing gap years, I would like to delay moving out for some time (mid End of August or Autumn half term) but do not necessarily want to sign another year. The Landlord is aware of that .

The Landlord, who does not live in the country, has been wanting to sell the property for some time and got caught out by the pandemic. He said he wanted to sell this year but is no longer sure. He said not to worry that he would let me know 2 month in advance (probably as that is the section 21 notice time for ‘evictions’ but has not done so far. Today is May 15th 2022.

He said he will be in the UK end of May to look into things and possibly put house on the market.

As I have not had a section 21 notice or equivalent information in time for end of tenancy July 11th, can I assume that I can stay beyond the AST end date on a periodic basis until the landlord issues a section 21 notice or offers a renewal contract.

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Hi Anna,

It will default to either a statutory periodic tenancy or contractual periodic tenancy depending on what’s in the AST. If the AST doesn’t mention what happens then assume a statutory.

As Mark10 says, your tenancy will just become rolling periodic on the same terms.

Thanks for that.


Hi Mark

thanks for that.

And am I right in assuming that Landlord can terminate the periodic tenancy with a section 21 notice

He might also do so between now and end of tenancy on July 11th to either renew agreement or inform me of his intention to sell let’s say after August 11 or September 11th. In the latter case I will want to consider moving at the earlier date to not be lumbered with a house move at the beginning of the school year.

Thank you for your thoughts.


The landlord would be able to terminate the tenancy with a s21 notice. The landlord has said that he wants to sell so you should really be looking for somewhere else to live. You may be able to negotiate a delay with him to a more convenient time, but I doubt any landlord in this position would let the situation drag on for longer than a two or three extra months. Sorry, you’re losing your home but remember that reputation is everything for a tenant at the moment.

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