End of tenancy - Checkout

Hi all,
We are about to leave in 2 weeks and I would like to know what is the procedure for the tenant checkout. Does the landlord sign a document where he says that everything is ok? In case of dispute, how is it going to work?


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Hi Federico,

Your landlord should have written to you to confirm details for checkout. If he hasn’t it would be a good idea to ask him now. He might do it himself, going through the inventory with you and noting the meter readings and general state of the place, or he may book a professional inventory clerk to do it. Either way you may not get a definite ‘everything’s ok’, certainly not in written form on the day. He may need to do some checks after you’ve left if time is limited. Make sure you photograph everything so you have good evidence of the state you left it in.
Touch up any paintwork, fill holes in walls etc, and produce receipts for any professional cleaning you have done. You should apply to get the deposit back quickly after you’ve left and at that point if there are problems the landlord would put in a claim. You can answer those points, and if there’s still disagreement the DPS or whoever is holding your deposit would adjudicate if you both agree to it.
Hope it goes well for you!