End of tenancy cleanings

Are end of tenancy cleanings always required? When we moved in this month the property was very dirty.

No, you do not need to professionally clean the property at the end of the tenancy. It should be left in the same condition as what was recorded at the start of the tenancy. Was there an inventory report?

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There was no inventory report. I’d venture to guess some of this property had not been cleaned in many years and the previous tenants didn’t care about cleanliness it seems.

Unfortunately, it sounds as if the landlord was not particularly concerned about enforcing cleanliness either. If you have already started the tenancy, it would be difficult to get the landlord to pay for cleaning, as it’s assumed you would have seen the flat before signing the contract. Worth asking the landlord to get a cleaner in for a few hours maybe!

This is as we feared I suppose. Thank you for the help! We’ve already invested quite a lot of time and money in cleaning…in for a penny in for a pound.

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Your tenancy agreement will state the level of cleanliness that you agreed. Just follow that.

It’s telling that there really isn’t one. We should have taken that for the red flag that it was. We did ask about it being cleaned and we’re assured it would be. It was not. It’s going to take us, in total, at least a week and around £300 in supplies alone to get it properly clean. Not including accounting for our time.

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