AST to Periodic

I have an AST (OpenRent) which expires after 3 years in a few months. I can’t see Any clause within the AST about rolling into either a Contractual Periodic or a Statutory Periodic.
Given the above can i just let it roll into a Statutory Periodic and if so do i need to issue any paperwork?
Just to add, i will be increasing the rent (first time in 3 years) and realise I will need to give two months notice to do this.
Thank you for any advice.

Wow, that was brave giving a 3 year contract. I wouldn’t advise that again.

Yes, an SPT arises automatically when the fixed term ends and is generally better for the landlord. You are required to serve the tenant a copy of the latest How to Rent guide, but otherwise there is nothing else to do, (unless you didn’t do everything 3 years ago).

Unless you have a rent review clause in your contract, you can use s13 to increase the rent.

Thank you, the 3 year AST has worked for me for the past 9 years, all good tenants thankfully but I’m now planning an exit in the near to medium term. So going periodic with current tenant, may change my mind depending on what the final deal is on scrapping Section 21.