End of Tenancy Returning Remaining Rent

My tenant pays on the 1st of every month.

She paid rent for the full month on the 1st of February. She had given me notice on the 6th of January and she handed over the keys on the 6th of February.
Initially, she agreed she would give the keys on the 5th, later she kept it with her and handed over on the 6th.

I believe as a landlord I am supposed to return the remaining rent (7/2/2023 - 28/02/2023).
I am thinking of calculating the rent for 6 days like

(total rent / 28 days) * 6). I will return the rest of the rent.
Is it correct?


Unless you have allowed a bare months notice in your contract, her notice was defective as it has to expire at the end of a tenancy period, so the correct notice would have been 28 Feb. However, it sounds like you accepted the notice which in this case would make it valid. So yes, you now have to refund the balance.