Refund of rent for short month

Hello - apologies for such a basic question, but my tenant (who has been brilliant) is just about to leave my property, about 4 days before the end of the monthly renewal date. This date was agreed about 6 weeks ago. Should I offer to refund those 4 days’ rent? Should I split it with her? Or do nothing at all?
Many thanks for any advice!

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A good landlord would give the 4 days back esp. to a good tenant


Thanks Colin, yes that’s what I was expecting to do, so it’s good to have it confirmed!

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If you agreed the date of her departure then arguably the tenancy ended on that day and any rent paid for a period after this must be refunded.

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Thanks David, that’s what I thought, and I’ve done so!

What you have to do or choose to do are two completely diferent things, the tenancy agreement will (should) stipulate the notice conditions and, depending on the timing, notice may or may not tally with an early exit. But then what has been agreed, the early handing back of keys and physically leaving does not and cannot enforce an early surrender of the tenancy, that can only occur by your positive acceptance and even then, any refund may be conditional (not perhaps so relevant with just a few days to run but would be with say a month to go, a charge is permissable).

And remember, if you agree an early surrender of the tenancy you become liable for Council Tax and utility standing charges

Thanks David! As it was only a few days, and the tenant was very good, I thought it was only fair to refund the overpaid rent. But I can see that it would be different if it was a couple of weeks, and no prospect of another tenant (or if the past tenant had left the flat in a bad state that needed a lot of work).
But as you say, it’s a grey area.
Thanks, Mary

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