End of tenancy -

I pay rent on the 1st of every month, I usually contact my landlord via whatsapp, I’ve informed him on the second day of the month that I’ll be moving out by the end of this month (our contract states 1 month notice- clause below)- he is not happy with my notice and wants me to move out October rather than September, is that how things work? I started my current tenancy late last year and I paid separately for 10 days or so “to keep things tidy” as per his suggestion, hence paying on the start of every month.
I thought one month is any 30-31 days period, not strictly 1 month period as I started my tenancy not at the 1st day of the month.
“The tenant must give notice of no less than one month, such notice to expire the day before a rent payment day or on the final day of the initial term”

When it comes to the notice period, it’s usually based on calendar months, not just any random 30-31 days. If your contract says one month notice, then you’re all good to give your notice on the second day of the month for the end of the next month. Your landlord might just be a bit bummed about it, but hey, you’re following the rules.

Your notice is possibly invalid. It has to:

  1. Be a minimum of 1 month ending on the last day of a tenancy period, or other duration specified in the agreement
  2. Be specific - giving date you intend the tenancy to end
  3. Not be given during the fixed term unless the agreement allows this
  4. Be in writing and usually hard copy delivered to a physical address or email if the contract allows it. Whatsapp is usually not valid unless specified. Some landlords may accept it, but they dont have to.

If your notice is not valid, the landlord can reject it.

Although a sensible LL would see that you have been a good tenant and that you are doing your best to comply with the tenancy agreement and law.