Ending tenancy agreement prior to commence date

Looking for some advice.
I have recently renovated my late father’s property, found tenants, both parties have signed tenancy agreement and the property is currently vacant.
Due to a change in my personal circumstances, (divorce), I need to find somewhere to live. My father’s house is my only financially viable option.
Can I cancel the already signed tenancy agreement? Their move in date is 16th Oct - what implications could this have. I don’t want to do this but my alternatives are non existent.

Many thanks.

they may take you for compo

That’s what I’m expecting, but what’s a reasonable figure for compensation? Property is a 2 bed mid terrace @ £1300pcm.
Would compensation be sought down legal routes or can it be arranged privately?
Such a headache.

i would try privately first

I’ve emailed them offering some form of compensation and waiting for their response.

If you have both signed and deposit paid they could hold you to the contract