Essential repair transfer

We are Council tenants and after almost two years of pressing for action regarding condensation and mould in our Flat a survey was finally carried out a few weeks ago. The full report is still pending but our Estate Manager has already been talking about an essential repairs transfer - a massively disturbing prospect given how much we have invested in furnishing the Flat and doing up the garden - it’s our home.We feel they are taking an extremely heavy-handed disproportionate approach. Though we had ugly white mould on our belongings - clothing & furniture - due to a high moisture content along with saturated windows in the morning the flat is by no means in a state of disrepair. We do not live in squalor - the like of which caused the death of a young child recently. We have the suspicion that they just want us out - a mockery of those that really do need to be rehoused. Since the survey we have gotten the humidity under control - largely because we now know how PIV units work. Keep the windows closed ! The condensation has gone along with the high moisture level. It is drying out.

We have asked them to return and do another inspection to see the way as things stand now but fear the decision has already been made to get rid of us under some kind of false repair claim. Should we get a survey done by a private firm to challenge any Council decision? Our home is habitable and we do not want to be victims of a false pretence.

Well, I don’t know. You’ve been “pressing” for action and now you have it. What’s it to be ?

at least well done for admitting you were at fault in how you were looking after the place

We live in a converted garage - a unique non standard Council accomodation. We were never advised on how to manage moisture levels. We have no back draught to help vent excess humidity.

non standard probably does not have good insulation. they may be planning to rectify this Insulation is essential along with fans,vents etc

ask them for a schedule of works which should include redecoration

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