Council Tenant - Essential Repair / Allocation List

We have been told we are going to be put on the Housing Allocation List once again - though we have yet to see a full explanation and are now two years into our ten year fixed term tenancy - as our Council Flat requires ‘essential repairs’ due to a hazard one category - an issue related to excessive humidity/condensation/mould growth.

Does our local authority have the right to place us on the Housing Allocations List ( as if we were reapplying for social housing ) or should they merely temporarily rehouse us while the work is carried out and then let us reoccupy the Flat ?

What rights do we have in terms of demanding to be temporarily rehoused ? The repairs are not of our making but due to inherently bad construction of the Council’s making.

We fear the Council has no intention of carrying out the repairs and are just using the repeated complaints we made regarding the mould as an excuse to get rid of us. We have made the Flat our home - invested the little income we have on making it comfortable and keeping it in good order. Additionally, I am a vulnerable, disabled tenant and the Flat is suited to my needs.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

I have no experience of the law concerning Council allocations, so if you don’t get an answer here, you should call Shelter or the CAB

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