Establishing new arms length processes for an OpenRent newbie

Hi All

My first listing has gone live on OpenRent today. I’m considering it a trial run for going it alone without a managing agent.

I have two rental properties and both have been fully managed up to now. The managing agent performed well on convening all costs/queries in one place - e.g. inventory process, cleaning, rent guarantee insurance which was certainly not without value but I found they did poorly on triage of issues meaning I was getting involved in handling issues like e.g. how to turn appliances on.

Anyway I’ve decided to give OpenRent a go but my question to someone more experienced with this (i.e. anyone else on the forum) is what would you have in place in addition to the full OpenRent service to make things run smoothly?

E.g. compared to a full management package what is the optimum solution you have found for managing the viewings, inventory / check out process (any recommendations?), getting cleaners in, best rent guarantee provider etc, (+ anything else I’m missing…).

For context, the property currently undergoing my trial is in Manchester and I am in London mostly. I do go up frequently to visit family not too far away but I am looking to establish an arms length reliable process, as far as that is possible.

A ‘Covid safe’ Video tour has been created using some old footage I had so I am not too concerned about managing viewings in the ‘current climate’ for this tenancy but this could become an issue in future.

Would be very interested to hear your thoughts on what you’d put in place