Openrent for overseas landlords

I’m curious as to whether OpenRent would consider a service where they manage the end-to-end of getting a property rented? If I’m overseas and a tenant leaves then I’m forced to travel back or instruct a high street letting agent with their ridiculous renewal fees. I know you offer an “accompanied viewings” service but that’s not enough, it would be an extension to this where you keep a key until it’s let. My anecdotal feeling is there would be demand for this service as I often think what happens if a tenant leaves and I’m travelling?


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I would definitely appreciate this service! I used the viewings and inventory services to manage but it’s a bit fragmented, not ideal.

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I’m overseas and having the outgoing tenant conduct viewings that I arrange via openrent. Fingers crossed it works…

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I’ve previously used OpenRent and I couldn’t say they are a bad company to use, however last year I started using PropertyLoop, I’m not sure you would have heard of them as they haven’t been around for a long, but they’ve proved to be be great! They’re an online platform, which makes everything incredibly easy, as I travel around a lot for work, I would highly recommend! If you want to check them out their website is I’m not too sure if they are only London base though. Hope this helped :slight_smile:

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I’m guessing this is spam – few landlords using this forum will be interesting in paying 6% per annum for finding a tenant.

Not spam. Just a genuine review from me:). It’s 5% monthly but it’s great as it includes rent and legal guarantee insurance which I’m super grateful for! Considering my last experience being a newish landlord during Covid. So you’re not just paying for a ‘find only’ service where you don’t get anything else in return for your money. Anyway, I think it’s worth a gander for nay landlord… :slight_smile:

In this world of fake reviews and social influencers, I would have to be suspicious of a review like that.

It’s 5%+VAT = 6% by my maths!

how was the accompanied viewing service?