Experience of getting paid rent from disability allowance

I have a prospective tenant who is on disability. They have said that their type of benefit allows the landlord to be paid direct from the outset.

Anyone have experience with tenants on disability allowance, good or bad?

In my mind it’s potentially a long term, low risk tenant. My concern would be are there extended rights if it came to eviction for none rent payment etc?

Be very careful I don’t know for sure if this applies to disability allowance or not but strongly recommend you check this out, anyone on housing benefit can have the choice to have the landlord paid direct or have the benefit paid to them and they pay the landlord, they can promise to have the landlord paid direct but on moving in they have the choice to change this at any time.
Do not continue without a guarantor and make sure you carry out your due diligence on the guarantor ie bank statements etc to ensure they can cover potential shortfall.

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