Extend existing contract for 6 weeks


I am a land-lord and have an existing Open Rent contract with a tenant which was for 12 months and is due to end 31st July 2022. The tenant would like to extent till the 10th Sept i.e approx 6 weeks

Please could someone advise on the best way to do this? I had a quick look at the Renew Contract option and it only allows contracts to be extended for 1 month increments, unless I have missed something obvious.

Your help would be appreciated.

Many thanks


You just let the tenancy become rolling periodic. There is nothing to do unless your deposit is in an insured scheme, in which case you check if it needs updating. The tenancy continues on the same terms and the tenant has to serve notice to end it, which would be a minimum of 1 month ending on the last day of a tenancy period.

The periodic tenancy happens automatically. There is nothing for you to do except relay this info to the tenant.

Thankyou David

So let the contract roll forward…
To be confident that the tenant moves out on the End Date of 10th Sept. Would I need to serve notice 30 days before the end date?

Many thanks

You can never be 100% confident of a tenant moving out on a specific date whatever type of tenancy you have. If you want them to move out, you have to serve notice first, such a s21. This is a 2 month notice, not 30 days. It doesnt end their tenancy as no landlord notice does this, but if they dont leave as requested, you take them to court.

I hope you wont mind me saying that you dont sound very knowledgeable and winging it without an agent or landlord training is very dangerous. It could end up costing you a lot of money

David. Apologies for the delay in responding.
Just wanted to thank you for your advice.

The relationship with my tenant is not acrimonious. He pays his rent on time and we resolve issues easily. He is returning to studies in another city later in the year than expected and hence the need to extend the current arrangement by approx 6 weeks.

One last question. I have also come across a form called 6A. If I provide a completed version of this to the tenant 2 months in advance of the re-scheduled departure date, does this fullfill the same as Section 21 notice?

Many thanks


Form 6a is a section 21 notice.

Ah super. Thankyou Mr T

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