Fast track mortgage

Can anyone recommend a fast track mortgage broker? I’ve seen a few online & all claim to be the best & award winning.
Last week I missed out on a property that I’d had an offer accepted on as my mortgage advisor was on holiday when I needed her. I arranged a meeting with the estate agents advisor but the agents (Bridgfords) allowed a cash buyer to put a higher bid in even though they said my offer had been accepted & confirmed it by email.

A cash buyer will almost always come out on top. estate agents have a legal obligation to put all offers to vendor even after acceptance. A bird in the hand scenario…

I find cash buyers move on quicker if things arnt progressing quickly.

Just get a decision in principle from any online lender to satisfy the agent. Then choose your actual lender later on through your broker.

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Thanks for that. I was under the impression you could only have one decision in principle.

No limit no. Just choose one which doesn’t leave a hard search footprint on your credit history. I know lloyds didn’t do this, though it’s been a while. I think you’ll find most dont.

I’m amazed they accept an AIP as you can enter any old figures on there….