Filtering out time wasters

Can anyone advise how to efectivly eliminate time wasters and unsuitable potential tenants from making enquiries?

LL usually create custom questionnaire, which helps somewhat. There’s an option to do it and becomes obligatory after so many enquiries, anyway. If you have done it and still are getting time-wasters, join the club )))

Yep done that so it would appear im in the club :grinning:

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I feel my only option is to surcome to the over priced agents!

One persons “unsuitable” is anothers bread and butter tenant.

Be careful that your filtering doesnt breach equalities legislation either directly or indirectly.

there will always be time wasters. I had a guy who did not know his address or if he had any ccj s Goodbye.

I thought I had cracked it yesterday when someone appearing normal asked for a viewing.

Nope cancelled one hour before the scheduled viewing!! :joy:

is that with an agent or openrent?

Hi Colin it was through openrent. :woman_shrugging:

Aranging block viewings is best 15 mins apart,I used an agent ,told them who I was looking for in terms of choice they had two lots of 5 at a time. a couple backed out so our time was not wasted

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Oh, poor Lynn. I was wondering how you were doing. Maybe, you’ll be left one of the last LL standing (on RM and Co) and all TT will be yours.

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