Anyone, how do you deal with time wasters!

Its infuriating. I have had 5 inquiries and 4 thus far have wasted my time, the 5th I am yet to determine but not holding my breath. The bold face rudeness that’s displayed is unbelievable, below is just one example after a number of messages…
FINALLY I SAID - I am sorry you do seem to have a habit of avoiding full response to questions.
I asked for the address and you omit number and postcode; I asked for details of landlord and you simply state it is a family friend and fail to provide name and contact details. You say you are waiting for interview yet you do not have a photo ID, the first thing a prospective employer asks to bring to interview; not only do you not have a photo id but strangely neither does your partner [yet both drive and he drives for work]
You also fail to register your true ID for this site but have used your daughters…

THEN SHE SAYS - I actually wouldn’t mind meeting the actual fruitloop that would chat to you for days with no outcome haha.


Rose3. I have had 40 enquiries in very quick succession on my recent listing. I set up a standard response with 15 questions as suggested on someone else’s Openrent comment to see if interested parties had any chance of passing referencing before organising any viewings, most of them didn’t bother to reply so I didn’t engage any further with them. Those that did I could review and go further with their enquiry if appropriate. Those that didn’t pass the screening questions I replied to politely and had no bother from them. If I were to have any bother with them I would have just rejected their enquiry/application by pressing the Reject button on the Openrent screen, that stops further contact. I rejected a potential applicant by using this option who cancelled 2 viewings and thought I would drop everything to be at the property for viewing at her complete leisure and who probably wouldn’t have passed referencing anyway. Don’t engage with people like this, just Reject.


rose 3 stop getting wound up .if they dont answer your questions delete them and dont go any further .They are chancers and you will find 75% of your applicants are like this

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I see that you’ve had the best responses already yet if I can add to that it would be;
Remain professional and objective at all times and ensure the ego does not take over as if it does your objective will not be served guaranteed.

I myself just observe my own ego to make sure it’s in check all of the time otherwise I would end up going crazy asking myself why why why when instead I just concentrate on serving my objective.


Thanks Louise, I did present a questionnaire at the start, in fact I used a draft of Colin3, no where near 15 questions but by the time I went back and forth it pretty much added up to that and more. I guess I am just too polite to go for Reject and like to give people benefit of the doubt but have never had it abused to this degree. Going forward looks like I will be getting up close and personal with Reject from now on.

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Don’t think ego has ever been my companion but certainly food for thought, thanks

75%, wow… guess that answers my question, a lot of time wasters do use this site which might be because there is no form of vetting on registration. I have been used to just a little more security which is a pity, because I do like the community platform and support that comes with it.

well it was about 75% with me because I advertise no dss, so you get people who try to disguise this fact. So I always ask …Where do you work? if no reply I delete them no viewing no wasted time


I thought that exact same think once too, type “ eckhart tolle ego” in utube & watch some of the material to better understand

Hi Rose, I’ve repsonded to your other topic about this issue.

I’d just like to add here – are you using our screening question functinoality?

You can find out how to set this up here:

Setting auto-reply up can help improve the salience of tenants who you consider, since tenants who are time wasting won’t bother to answer your questions in detail. It also helps you find out more about the tenants.


Hey, just joined recently. 1st time landlord. Wondered where I could find colins draft of questions. Experienced a few time wasters and think this will be helpful… Thank you.

Here are the questions 1 Is this for yourself only? 2 Do you have children? 3 Where do you work and how long have you worked there? 4 Do you smoke ? 5 where are you living now? 6.Who is your landlord? 7 Do you have pets ? 8 Do you receive any help with rent at present? 9 how old are you? 10 how much do you earn?11 Any CCJ s? 12 any objection to a reference check? 12 do you have transport?. Ask in any order. Remember you will find out how much they earn anyway . . try to do a driveby where they say they live. knock on door? remember its your place they may rent

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Rose3 Dont be so polite

Hi Mario,

I am very new on this forum myself but yes I did find Collins questionnaire very useful but what remains of it now does not represent his original. I am sure he will see your post and respond, he does appear to be very supportive of the community. Good luck and welcome aboard.



Thank you for your welcome Rose. I have seen Colins reply with the questions which is very helpful and I will certainly be using them in order to select the right tenant.

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Thank you Colin. Very useful. Much appreciated.

Hi all,

We also have this guide to what to ask tenants when they enquire.

Some of it is based on @colin3’s answers in the Community in the past :slight_smile:

Hope it’s helpful!

I’ve always found far more time-wasters use electronic communication than use the phone. I’ve given up dealing with potential tenants if I can’t speak to them on the phone. I’ve never had anyone turn up for a viewing when using email or text but viewing rate is quite high when arrangements have been made over the phone.


john 22 that is a good and accurate point John… as long as you dont mind giving out your phone number to all.

I don’t arrange a viewing until they have provided a copy of bank statements showing they have paid rent at a similar level for at least 3 months. Genuine tenants don’t have a problem with this.