Final warning for tenant - your thoughts

What do you think of this follow up letter? Might it cause more trouble?

Dear XXX

I hope you are well. It was good to catch up on the phone yesterday.

As I explained, I had multiple complaints about noise and nuisance from your flat (ADDRESS) this weekend. When we spoke about a similar matter in 26 September this year you assured me that it would not happen again. On both occasions you were playing loud music in the early hours of the morning and had guests in the common areas causing a disturbance.

You have once again assured me that you will not cause any disturbance to the neighbours and I trust that you will not.

However, if I do have any other similar complaints I intend to terminate the assured shorthold tenancy agreement using a section 8 notice. This will require you to vacate the property with as little as two-weeks notice.

Please reply to this email to confirm you have read and understood.

All the best

I would be less definitive about the consequences, saying something like “I will have to consider terminating your tenancy”. It allows you more scope for other options and if the tenant knows his rights he will understand that your reference to s8 is an empty threat as it takes much longer to evict someone in practice.


Giving notice, and evicting someone are two entirely diffent things. You can give notice, and the tenant accepts it, with or without good grace, or doesnt accept it, then you may evict. If you must.


I don’t think I’d sign off with ‘all the best’, which sounds too chatty, perhaps a simple ‘regards’ would do. ?