Fire/Carbon Monoxide alarms

Hi, I am needing 2x fire alarms & 2 carbon monoxide alarms for a rental property and I was wondering if they need to be interlinkable, so that if one sounds then they all sound…

Can anyone confirm if this is the case or recommend any brands which supply wireless alarms for this?


It depends if its an HMO or in a Selective Licence area. No otherwise, although if you think the property needs it then…

Great! Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

If you speak to the electrician and let them know you want radio linked
They are more expensive than regular alarms

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I have used the Fire Angel range of battery operated wifi linked alarms. Unless it’s essential to have linked alarms, I wouldn’t use them again.

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Hi listen don’t interlink alarms go each one solo they should have different tones mark these down but try remember each alarm time till you can master them cost more to combine them babes bye Chris

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