10yr battery or hard-wired interlinked smoke alarm for shop with flat above

Had a Selective Licensing inspection on a flat above a shop recently. They said I had to put in interlinked smoke alarms. They said all this over the phone and haven’t put anything in writing.

I’ve been looking online to find what the regulations are, can’t find anything that smoke alarms have to hard-wired or a 10yr battery ones will suffice.

Getting electrician to fit, I’m getting quotes around £400-£500 which is a lot of money.

I can fit battery ones myself.

Any advice please?

I have 2 flats above shop > You need hard wired You have to do as they say. I had 4 emergency lights and 5 smokies done about 4 years ago had quotes from £850 tto £2500 . £ 850 was done . After watching how they did it . I wired my commercial unit myself with a similar system. Your LA will want to see a certificate for the work Battery will not do.

Wiring connected alarms is easy. There are three cables. Two for power and a third for the interconnection. Connect the alarms in a chain (never radially) ie. from one alarm to the next. You’ll save yourself a lot of money. Mains powered connected alarms can be picked up for about £20 each.

To the first smokie it is 2 core and earth ,all the rest it is 3 core and earth