Fire exit obstruction

Hi. This is the bottom of our fire exit. As you can see there are concrete slabs, which are very heavy, stored at the end of the spiral staircase. There is not much room to get past and its really easy to knock yourself, even more so if you had to get past quick in the event of a fire. Furthermore, this is the designated space under the staircase to store my bike, and everyday I have to lift it past the slabs as you can’t get through any other way, not easy and can damage the bike

The landlords have said they can’t move them. Do you know if this is against any health and safety policies? its annoying for that’s for sure!

that would not go down well with the L/A or local fire dept


I personally wouldn’t have a problem calling the non emergency line of the local fire department and asking their advice if nothing else.

Shelter might be able to help you, they assist with tenants rights.

You can report this to the local Private Housing Authority as well. (Assuming it’s private not sure how council house issues work). They can be slow, but hopefully if you make it clear it’s a fire hazard they’ll act more quickly.

Is it possible for you to shift them? I know they’re likely very heavy but maybe if you had a few people who could team up with you and move them one at a time so they aren’t in the way?

they look like grates that go around young trees They will be heavy. Need two to lift away.

Thank you, this is very helpful and will give both of those suggestions a go.

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Yeah, they have a lot of weight to them, at work I lift some heavy stuff but could not even get close to doing one of these on my own.

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I called my local housing authority today and have an inspection arranged for this Wednesday - so definitely give them a call. I know speeds vary from place to place but hopefully they’ll be as fast for a fire hazard.

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