Help & advice please?

We have lived in our property for 10 years now which we rent of a local solicitor. We have never had any problems up to 2 years ago when our heater in the bathroom packed up. We contacted the landlady who sent an electrician who said it was obsolete and needed a new one and would speak to the landlady. She came to see us and we pointed out other repairs that needed doing, like plaster falling off walls, mold growth in kitchen cabinets and on wall’s, she made a list and never came back.
In October 2020 we had an EPC inspection with a rating of G, I’ve asked her what’s going to happen but she’s never replied. We have had the local environmental officer to look around and he has rated it as a cat1 hazard, but she’s still never replied to us or them.
We are now on the social housing register for property, but it could take awhile for one.
We have continued to pay our rent through all this, but now feel as we should hold it back as our flat is not safe to live in anymore.

Any advice please?


Why don’t you move?
The council should have mandated works on a category 1 hazard. They normally give the landlord a written time limit. If it is not dealt with they normally serve the landlord a prohibition order and or seize rent
It is illegal to rent a G rated property. Speak to Shelter or citizens advice

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We want to move but as yet there’s nothing available. The council have served her with a mandate and it’s now 8 weeks over the time limit and still nothing been done. The environmental officer said 4 weeks ago he was going to serve her with an improvement order, but hasn’t done so yet, I’m trying to speak to him but without success at the moment.

I can only think of two things:

  • wait for the council to take action, or
  • take them to court with photographic evidence of all the things that need attention.
    As the council is dealing with the situation, the latter will be a waste of money and time and add to your stress levels.

I suggest you put it aside, relax, call the council once every two weeks or so for an update, and every time you feel stressed, remind yourself you have done all you can and take five slow deep breathes in and out to help calm you down. Repeat after a few normal breathes until you calm down or distract yourself by doing something else, like getting a cuppa or house cleaning/ bed making. You will survive, and you will be out of the situation within months, and you have years of life still to look forward to.
Good luck for a quick resolution.

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The property sounds like an illegal let on multiple fronts. However, you should probably not push too hard until you have an offer of alternative accommodation. You can then press the EHO to take action and shop him to Trading Standards regarding the EPC.

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There are more properties for rental on market now.

So hopefully you should find somewhere.