First Come, First Served?

Hi there.

I received an email saying I was the second person the landlord would be notified of to view the property. I’m sure being the first person is advantageous but I just wondered if the landlord was required by default to accept the deposit offer of the first person to view their property (including references when applicable).

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Joseph, that email just means you’re the second person to enquire about the property. Landlords usually take several viewings before inviting one set of tenants to press the Rent Now button on their listing on our site to place a holding deposit and begin the tenancy creation service.

The landlord isn’t obliged to accept any tenant’s offer of placing a holding deposit. It’s for the landlord to ask the tenant they’d like to proceed with to press Rent Now and place the holding deposit.

I hope that clears it up!


Hey Sam, that’s super-clear. Thanks so much.

Have a great weekend.


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