Novice landlord, property appears unavailable, please help

Hello, can someone help? I am panicking. A tenant placed a holding deposit for my property and the offer appears as “accepted”. I did not accept it, I told them I wanted to see all applicants first! I have viewings arranged for tomorrow and people are asking me if the property is still available. What shall I do? Help!

Ask openrent to refund the holding deposit and apologise to the tenant
I would consider advertising the property but doing the letting past yourself as this issue has been flagged with open rent and it is a problem that they are not rectifying

go ahead with the viewings . You are in control. Give holding deposit back … Beware of anyone who places a holding deposit without YOUR say so

Thanks, guys. I realise that it’s not my fault, it’s the way “Rent Now” works. The viewings have been cancelled automatically and I might not get another tenant as keen as this one so I might as well go ahead with the tenancy. They are students but they have a guarantor. It’s a newly refurbished property - fingers crossed. Next time advertising only.

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