First tax return? Account or do it myself

I have one BTL in Ltd company. My first year tax return it due in end of year should I do it myself or use account? Thanks in advance

Hi Jordan1, As the BTL is in a Limited Company I would use an accountant for the CT600 and ask them to assist with your SA100. If it’s simple calculations it will be sensibly priced [hopefully]

Thank you Eileen I will go with a account :+1:t2:

I have used an accountant for 45 years . The fee is tax deductable. Its just easier . No worries.

As an accountant (and not looking for work!), I would definitely say use an accountant for a limited company. It’s not just about the tax return, you have to prepare accounts in a statutory format to file at Companies House, and you then have to file those accounts in ixbrl tagged format with a computation with the CT600 tax return.

Whether you need to do a personal return will depend on whether you have taken money out and if so, how. If you had only had dividends of less than £2,000 (and don’t have any from other investments) you may not owe any tax and would only need to do a tax return if HMRC have asked for one.

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Thanks could you send me your contact details so I could get a quote with you please

Hi Jordan,
Cath2 has let us know that you are looking for an account. Boffix can certainly help you with those statutory requirements.
You can give us a call on 01840 700 700 or you can book a Service Enquiry call using our calendar below and we will call you.