First time renting to students

I have 3 second year uni students who want to rent my 3 bed flat. How do I go about referencing? Would I reference their individual guarantor’s for their share of the rent? I’ve only rented to sharing professionals before which was straightforward so this is new to me. After referencing, I assume the guarantors sign the joint AST along with the students themselves. Any experience appreciated :slight_smile:

I rented to 2 students .The parents said their children would not pass a .reference as they did not earn enough, so one parent was guarrantor for the two. That worked well. Up to you if you want to check if the three have any CCJ S

3 tenants , do you want to be a HMO?

I have an HMO licence as the council required it so that’s in place. It’s a 3 bed property.
I’ve always let to sharing professionals before so not encountered the situation with students. I’m guessing I need to reference each student plus their guarantor…and that all 6 sign the AST.

If you are referencing the students with RentGuard, they’ll more than likely automatically fail the referencing and that’s just a waste of your referencing fee. I would only reference the guarantors (individually if each parent/guardian is acting as guarantor for their respective son/daughter). The guarantors also sign the AST along with the students.

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