Joint AST - Referencing with Guarantors to Validate Insurance


Need some advice on referencing given this is my first time renting out my property without an agent.

I’ve found prospective tenants (two of them) for my 1 bed flat who are students and I’m currently going through referencing via rentguard on the OpenRent platform. Both tenants failed individual comprehensive referencing due to being students and not having any income therefore status was ‘Applicant Declined’ and recommendation of not being suitable without the support of a suitable guarantor. Therefore, one of the tenants has provided both his parents as guarantors where the other tenant is using a University scheme (Housing Hands) to act as guarantor. However, the guarantor references are based on their share of the rent (half of it) rather than the full rent.

If referencing passes for all guarantors, will the referencing be valid for a joint tenancy AST? Conscious of this wording on the OpenRent website stating any one tenant/guarantor can be asked to pay the full amount owed:

“Most tenancies in the UK are created as Joint Tenancies (whereby several parties are named on one agreement) and it is important to note that this will mean that all parties are jointly liable for all the obligations named in the agreement. In plain English that means that any one tenant or guarantor can be asked to pay the full amount owed by any or all of the other people named on the agreement, should it come to it.”

If that is the case, should the guarantors not be referenced based on the full rental amount rather than the share of the tenant who they are being guarantors for?

Want to ensure the referencing is completed correctly in order to ensure landlord insurance is valid.

Thanks in advance

Best to check with the insurance, however even if it came back as each guarantor is liable for his share, I wouldn’t worry much. you have 2 guarantors.

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