Formalities when raising rent

My tenant and I have agreed a rent increase. I’ve looked through the contract, which is the standard OpenRent AST and I can’t find any clause about raising rent. Do I need to serve a form 4?

If youve agreed the increase then it beclmes formal and binding as soon as they start paying it. In this case a s13 notice is not needed.

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Thanks David, I so appreciate you always answering my questions!

Hi @Mitra

There’s no standard rent increase clause in OpenRent’s Rent Now contract because there’s no standard approach for landlords looking to increase the rent so it wouldn’t be possible to create a clause that worked for everyone.

As @David122 mentions, you don’t need a rent review clause in order to increase the rent. However, if landlords do want to include a rent review clause they can choose to do so under “advanced contract settings”.

We’ve got a full guide on the different rent increase options available to landlords in our help centre:

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Thanks Beth, very helpful!