What's a normal clause for rent increase in the agreement?

Probably a newbie question, I just wonder normally is there a clause for rent increase in the tenancy agreement? If so, what’s it like? Specifying a increase range?

If there is no such a clause, does that mean the rent can never increase?

No there isn’t but there is a space for you to add clauses.i have had 3 tenants over the last 15+ years, never put the rent up because felt bad about it, they all left to return to their own Countries and one because they bought their own home. This time I have added the clause saying the rent would be reviewed at the end of the first year when it becomes a rolling contract. I then told the tenant, who hasn’t moved in yet, that I had added the clause but it didn’t necessarily mean a yearly increase, he was quite happy with that and will mean when I do in the coming years, I won’t feel awkward. Open rent do say, once you’ve added a clause, that they don’t recommend adding clauses, but there is nothing to stop you doing it. I increased the rent only at the end of the tenancy ready for the next tenant moving in

Not specific to a clause about rent increase, but to add any custom clause to the OpenRent agreement template, does it get reviewed by someone from OpenRent to make sure what’s added is legal?

If there is no rent increase clause in the tenancy agreement you can serve a section 13 notice. I would recommend doing NRLA Landlord Fundamentals e-learning course. It is well worth the cost and is tax deductible.

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