Freeholder enforcement of lease clauses

I have a leasehold property with a problem owner next door who is in breach of the lease. I understand that the freeholder has an obligation to enforce the terms of the lease. (I imagine this would be at the lessees cost). Anyone had experience of this?

Can my own sub-tenant approach the freeholder direct?

the tenant needs to approach the council who may have an appropiate officer to deal with such and give tenant advice. If problem person owns and does not rent this can be a hard problem to solve. Multiple evidence will be needed

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Once evidence collected that will almost certainly happen. I want the leaseholders to threaten him, breach of lease can ultimately result in forfeit of property. (Unlikely but nevertheless). However I expect this would be a waste of time, theres no money in it for them. I bet it would take a solicitor of mine to get the freeholder to act!

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In practice its not easy for freeholders to take action against a leaseholder, but not impossible. I suggest you book a call with the Leasehlld Advisory Service. Its free to use, (or was last time I called them).

A lot of Freeholders claim that interpersonal issues are for the people themselves to resolve, but others are prepared to help. It all depends; but it is worth a go.