Full management service required

I will need a managing agent full service in E11 - london
any tips for good managing agents? thanks

Do it yourself :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Agreed, but time consuming keeping up with the law, and you need a range of repair trades people already lined up who claim they will provide help relatively quickly. It is a nightmare for me on a DIY basis stranded in another country, with almost all trades not available most of the time, hence I provide white goods repair insurance through D&G, Domestic and General, and have found an ailing old DIY person to help occasionally. But this I prefer to letting anyone else take on landlord duties.

However, if you find someone, test their tenancy law knowledge, get them referenced, and remember, no matter what the agreement is, you are responsible, not them, for legal compliance, and compliance to insurance and licencing requirements, so if they don’t perform, you are the one to get fined!
You will find on this forum a few cases where the managing agents have had to be fired, mainly because they did not comply with legal requirements, or know about local licencing requirements.
The same applies to agents, who often don’t do their job e.g. don’t do inspections, and refer all repair requests to the landlord to agree the repair or for the landlord to arrange repairs!
So be very careful if you take the Manager route!