Letting agent/managed services suggested legal requirements

I’ma landlord for the first time and need advice on which professional bodies letting agents and managed services should be part of to help protect me.
Is RICS sufficient or should they belong to any others as well, thanks

RICS is not really for landlords.
The largest landlord umbrella body is the NRLA. They offer model documents, guides, a helpline and campaigning/national voice. I’m a member and on balance think its well worth you joining. I would also suggest you take advantage of their foundation training course. There are over 160 laws that govern landlord and tenant relations so its a steep learning curve.

If you’ve never let a property before then I would suggest that you initially need a fully managed service from a good local agent whilst you learn the ropes.

Great thanks for your advice David. I will definitely be going with managed services for peace of mind. I will check out the NRLA option for sure.
I appreciate your response.
Thanks Clare